What’s in a weave?

This past weekend saw NYC completely engulfed by the World Natural Hair Show. Ok that is a bit hyberbolic. Nevertheless, under the guidance of Taliah Waajid, the hair show has become somewhat of a phenomenon. The expo which celebrates celebrates, shares, and educates the black community on how to take care of natty hair and the products that exist to aid in doing so.

Taliah Waajid

Has now grown beyond its humble beginnings in Atlanta and for the first time was featured in the city of lights. Spanning across two days, the event was able to attract the likes of Reesa Renee, Marella Eliza, Don Jenkins, and many more.

While NYC consumed in celebrating Black Hair, the rest of the nation’s Black women are still under attack from all angles for simply letting their hair grow. In particular, our nation’s military branch has recently banned most Black hair styles, except for those they deemed appropriate to their decor. Only hair that is relaxed, micro-braided, cornrowed, or weaved are now ‘acceptable’ for Black women in the military. My bad, I forgot about wigs. Yes wigs are accepted. However, if a women were to have her hair growing naturally in a short crop or neatly dreaded, she is now currently banned from the service. Ridiculous!

Jessica Williams couldn’t take it anymore. Just yesterday unveiling her ‘Operation Black Hair’ campaign to educate white people on the complexities of Black hair. I’ll let her do the rest of the talking…


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