Of Kinks & Coils: Debunking myths, examining urban legends

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Myth #1: “Black hair does not grow.”

“My hair is Khoisan, so it does not grow.”

“If you want your hair to grow, you have to ‘lock’ it.”

“Your hair must grow because you are part [White/ Indian/ Native American].”

“My hair does not grow because I am [African/ some other statement that amounts to being more Black].”

We have all heard statements that are similar to the ones set out above. To be perfectly honest, many of us have thought or uttered similar statements. Every time I hear someone talk about how black hair does not grow, I have to suppress the urge to give major ‘side-eye’. The same people telling me about how Black hair, our hair, does not grow are going to get relaxers every 6-8 weeks. I wonder what they think they are relaxing. However, I am not really annoyed. I am  sad at the level of…

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